[–All relationships are long distance relationships–]

All relationships are long-distance relationships, no matter how physically close two people are. Two people may live very close, they can still feel the distant even when they’re on a date, even when they physically meet each other every day. Even when two people live in the same house after marriage, they can still create the huge distance between as if they’re thousands of miles away from each other.


[–The Earth as a human being–]

The Earth is getting warmer because she’s having a fever, to kill all the “bacteria” and “viruses” that are killing her. Those invading parasites spread out very quickly, consume the whole body, and even transfer to another body once there’s contact and possibility.

[–Just give up!–]

Traveling through a sea storm requires the captain to throw away all the heavy load which is not essential, and only keep the most important things: the crew and food. Similarly, no one could climb to the highest mountain with a suitcase and a trunk, but only the small backpack. Success doesn’t just mean perseverance. It also means to give up. Know when to give up. What to let go.